X-Com creator brings us a new port – Chaos Reborn: Adventures


X-Com is over 20-years-old at this point, but its legacy is secured as one of the best (if not the best) strategy role-playing games of all time. Now, from one of the original creators of X-Com, comes a new Android port of a venerable SRPG called Chaos Reborn: Adventures.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures takes the familiar gameplay of X-Com but removes the science fiction elements and replaces them with high fantasy, i.e., wizards, dragons, ogres, etc. There’s a single-player story mode that pits you against the computer, as well as an online multiplayer mode that puts you into turn-based combat with your friends or other players around the world.

Check out the gameplay trailer below, which features a very Game of Thrones-esque soundtrack:

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is technically a port of the original Chaos Reborn game, which was a Kickstarter-backed title developed by X-Com co-creator Julian Gollop. Chaos Reborn itself is actually a remake of one of Gollop’s earliest games, Chaos: The Battle of Wizards from way back in 1985. Gollop paired up with game publisher Big Blue Bubble to develop Chaos Reborn: Adventures, so there’s some considerable pedigree in this new game.

Editor’s Pick

Unlike many mobile games released these days, Chaos Reborn: Adventures doesn’t feature in-app purchases. Instead, you pay a one-time fee of $9.99 and the game is yours to play forever. However, there are advertisements occasionally during gameplay.

Click the button below to check out Chaos Reborn: Adventures now on your compatible Android device!

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