“What happened to your essential oil company?”

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This is in response to the question, “What happened to your essential oil company?” I launched this company in December 2017 and closed it one year later, in mid January 2018. 

I value transparency in my communication with you, as well as vulnerability in sharing my own healing journey with you. That has always been a foundation of Empowered Sustenance, and will continue to be. 

So, here is what happened. I posted the following on my Facebook page on January 23rd 2018:

Last week, I went through a 15-hour non-stop legal negotiation. Although it was one of the longest days in my life, I remained peaceful about the outcome.

Because I’ve learned to trust the truth to take care of me.

And it did.The essential oil company launched last year with a business partner closed yesterday. Why?

 This relationship began when my nutrition and bodywork practitioner, 38 years my senior, seduced me when I was his 21-year-old client. I was vulnerable for many reasons, including a lack of any prior relationship and sexual experience. I also deeply trusted this man, who was a paragon in my community. I naively entered a relationship with him. And, shortly after, I naively agreed to start a business with him.

When I realized the truth of the relationship, I chose to end the business because I no longer wanted connection with this man. I also chose to report him to the appropriate authorities, and now many other women whom he mistreated are speaking up in the multiple investigations.

Lastly, I chose to voice the abusive relationship dynamic I experienced in my poetry book, Stronger Than The Master, in order to create positive change in our culture.

I know this change needs to occur, as I am watching other women in my life go through parallel circumstances. They are also extricating themselves from manipulative partnerships — in business and marriage — and then experiencing the same pattern of escalated harassment, threats, false accusations, and legal challenges. And then there is the painful realization that some friends will choose to believe the abuser.

At Empowered Sustenance, I share what empowers and sustains my healing journey. This means that I am vulnerable and honest in sharing my own journey. And this entire experience has been a significant part of my healing journey.

I am glad I could support you with this essential oil company.

I know that I will support your healing in new ways in the future.

I trust that doors close so new ones can open.

Thank you all for your support.

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