This $29 smart scale works with Google Fit, Apple Health and more

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Tracking your weight has gone from a manual process to an automated one thanks to smart scales. In the past, these scales had been on the pricey side, but they have recently become way more affordable. Right now you can pick up the Eufy BodySense Smart Scale for just $28.99 with code EUFYS789 at Amazon. This deal saves you $11 off its current price otherwise.

It integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health and supports multiple device pairings so that up to 20 people can use the scale with ease. This scale can track your weight, body fat, BMI and more. You can also view all your information right from within the free EufyLife iPhone or Android app. Not sure if this is the smart scale for you? Check out this great comparison to see how it stacks up against Fitbit’s offering.

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