Should You Buy the Fitbit Ace for Your Kids?

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Want your kids to be enthusiastic about fitness? The Fitbit Ace may be solution!

Physical fitness has always been important (you know, to avoid dying prematurely), but it’s perhaps more imperative that we get our kids moving now, in an age where the whole world can be accessed in a smartphone. How do you fight tech’s attempt at making your children sedentary? Fight it with tech.

Here’s why you should buy your kids the Fitbit Ace.

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It’s shiny and cool

It doesn’t matter what generation you hail from — having the coolest stuff always makes you a bigger hit at school, playing sports, and hanging out with your friends. The Fitbit Ace is just that — it’s a textured rubber wristband with an LED display that shows the time (with 10 clock faces to choose from), Reminders to Move, goal progress, and more. And it comes in two colors — blue and purple — which marries fashion and function without getting mired in “will they like this color?”

The rubber wristband is strong, durable, and comfortable, which makes it perfect for smaller wrists. They’ll be able to wear it all day without wanting to rip it off, and it can stand up to the daily wear and tear that kid life might bring. Gym class? Recess? An after-school bike ride with friends? The Ace can hang on and keep up wherever fitness takes your child. Being showerproof is huge, too, so you’ll never have to worry if your kid gets caught in the rain (though swimming with it on isn’t a good idea).

It’s feature-packed for a reasonable price

The Fitbit Ace is essentially the kid version of the Fitbit Alta, so it doesn’t have the text, call, and calendar notifications, but that’s where you get the price break and that’s why it’s the kid version. For $100, you get the “Alta lite”, which gives your kid the following:

  • Reminders to Move: Your child will be reminded and encouraged to hit their daily goal of at least 60 minutes of activity.
  • ** Sleep tracking**: Your child will be able to track their sleep duration and sleep schedule to help develop better bedtime habits.
  • Friendly competition: To motivate your child to reach beyond their daily goals, they can engage in step challenges, compare their progress with friends, and even message and cheer on family members, all in the kid-friendly version of the Fitbit app.
  • 5-day battery life: Kids don’t have the patience to sit around and wait for their Fitbit to charge, and it’s unlikely they’ll remember to charge it up every night, so the Ace has a 5-day rechargeable battery life.
  • Step and active minute tracking: The Ace will track your child’s steps throughout the day and will even record active minutes when they’re playing sports, working out, or getting active in other ways.
  • Goal celebrations and badges: Everyone loves to celebrate goals, which is why the Ace sends your kid celebration messages when they hit their daily goals, as well as virtual badges for larger milestones.
  • LED screen: A classic pedometer was fine 20 years ago, but screens are where it’s at, so having one of their wrist will help your kid stay motivated to meet goals and enjoy the ride while they check on their progress on the fly.

Fitbit is a trusted brand

As one of the first truly big fitness tracker companies, Fitbit has solidified itself as the gold standard in trackers. That means you can buy with confidence knowing that Fitbit stands behind its products and provides a wealth of supports resources if you have questions about using your device or the Fitbit app.

The Fitbit catalogue is also growing steadily, offering trackers for your whole family, as well as earbuds and a smart scale. When your kids outgrow their Ace (if they outgrow it), you’ll have plenty of other choices to help keep them in the right track toward lifelong fitness.

Should you buy your kids the Fitbit Ace? Yes

At $100, the Fitbit Ace is the perfect blend of features and value. It’s rugged enough to go just about everywhere with your child, it tracks everything your kid needs to start paying attention to and developing enthusiasm for their own physical fitness, and it’s not so expensive that you wouldn’t want them bringing it to school or to the park.

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