Please don’t spend $780 on a leather wireless charger

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After spending hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone, you’re probably going to want to buy some accessories for it. At most, you’ll probably pay $100 to $200 if you want a premium case, screen protector, and a charger or two.

But if there’s one accessory that you shouldn’t buy, it’s this $780 leather wireless charger (via The Verge).

Berluti, a self-proclaimed “living legacy,” sells ultra high-end leather products with stores around the world. The charger itself is made in partnership with Native Union, which sells this same product (minus the leather) for just $60.

So why is the wireless charger being sold for so much? Well, in addition to having the French fashion house’s name stamped on it, the wireless charger itself features Venezia Calfskin while the USB-C to USB-A cable is wrapped in Venezia leather.

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Oh, and in addition to spending that much money on the wireless charger, you would then have to shell out a couple more bucks for a power adapter or use the one that came with your phone. Because, you know, Berluti couldn’t include a leather-wrapped one. That probably rounded the price up to nearly $1,000.

But if you decide that you do want to spend $780 on the wireless charger, then you might as well grab the company’s matching $860 smart charger kit to go along with it.

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