Love the S Pen? Motorola might have a new phone for you

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Consumers who are looking for a phone with a stylus don’t have many options these days. While they were all the rage back in the days of Windows Phone, on Android your options are limited. If you can’t afford a device with an S Pen like the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Lite, the most recent options are a few odd LG phones from 2018.

Now, a new render from serial tipster Evan Blass seems to add a new stylus-wielding device to the ranks. It shows a Motorola phone with a thin stylus, a small punch-hole camera, and a curved glass screen. Judging by the curve on the head of the stylus, it appears to slot into the bottom of the phone, just like the S Pen.

This is likely not the rumored Motorola Edge Plus flagship.

While he was also quick to point out that this likely isn’t Motorola’s rumored flagship Motorola Edge Plus, it is an interesting device to say the least. While other companies are searching for new gimmicks like folding screens and huge megapixel counts, a stylus feels like a throwback that’s largely been forgotten outside of Samsung’s Note lineup.

Plus, if it lands at an affordable price range like the rest the Motorola One family, it would stand out in an increasingly competitive mid-range space. The Galaxy Note Lite starts at $670, which is a lot to pay if you just want a phone with an integrated stylus without all the extra S Pen features.

As the weeks tick down to MWC 2020, we’ll keep an eye out for more details on this mystery device. What do you think? Are you interested in more options when it comes to phones with a stylus?

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