Here’s our first look at the Google Home Hub in charcoal

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Android Headlines

  • Images of the Home Hub in a charcoal colorway have leaked out.
  • Thanks to the side profile image, Google’s Smart Display looks to be rather small.

Last week, we were able to confirm that Google’s rumored Smart Display would be called the Home Hub and only cost $149. But at the time, we only had leaked renders of the device in a chalk colorway. But now, thanks to Android Headlines, we have several images of the Smart Display from several angles.

As you can see from the two renders, the only difference between this model and the one that leaked previously is the color of the mesh fabric covering the base of the Smart Display and the plastic backing of the screen portion. It’s odd that Google would leave the border around the display white as the two-tone design doesn’t look at uniform as other products made by the company.

Google Home Hub Charcoal Leak Android Headlines

While we don’t learn anything new from it, the side profile render of the Home Hub does allow us to gauge the thickness of the Smart Display. Remembering that the device will only feature a seven-inch screen and weigh 480g, it’s pretty easy to assume that this will be by far the smallest Smart Display currently on the market.

Editor’s Pick

These new renders also don’t answer the question as to where Google has positioned the built-in speaker. While we can assume that they will be housed somewhere in the base of the Home Hub, it’s unknown how many speakers will be installed throughout the Smart Display and in what direction they will all be pointed in.

We will likely find out more about the Home Hub in two weeks when Google is rumored to announce it at the company’s October 9 event.

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