Elon Musk Couldn’t Contain His Excitement About the Falcon Heavy Launch

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It’s been quite the week for SpaceX. Ahead of the first test launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket, Elon Musk himself said that for all the trial and error and work that came before, it could easily not work the way that he and his team hoped.

“There’s a lot that could go wrong,” Musk told Ars Technica. “A really tremendous amount. I really like to emphasize that the odds of success are not super high. I don’t want to jinx it — I’m tempted to say. Because I feel super optimistic. But I feel as though that optimism has no basis in fact. I feel like we’ve got a two-thirds chance of success, but in reality we only have a 50-50 chance.”

As cautiously optimistic as he was, he didn’t let that deter him from showing his excitement in the lead up to and during the launch on social media. Check out some of his most eye-catching posts by clicking through the slides above.

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