Best Battery Cases for iPhone 7 Plus in 2018

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What’s the best battery case for iPhone Plus? We have some ideas!

The big ol’ iPhone 7 Plus has a big ol’ battery, but that’s often not enough to get most people through a day of heavy use. That goes double for folks who use theirs as their primary camera (PORTRAIT MODE MY LIFE).

Carrying around an external battery pack can be cumbersome, so why not streamline the process and grab a battery case instead. It’ll probably bulk things up a bit, but better bulky than brick.

Note: You’ll likely have to compromise when it comes to headphones, since a lot of these cases connect via the Lightning port, so you won’t be able to plug in EarPods or other Lightning headphones. You could just get some sweet wireless headphones instead.

mophie juice pack

Keep your iPhone 7 Plus’ battery at a crisp 100% while keeping the battery case bulk to a minimum with the mophie protective battery juice pack.

This $65 battery pack is designed to be super thin while still providing your iPhone 7 Plus with over 14.5 hours of extra talk time.

Rubberized support pads on the inside of the case protect your iPhone from treacherous falls and drops, while the mophie protective battery juice pack’s edge-to-edge protection means that your iPhone’s screen, back, and camera are all secured, too.

You can pick up the mophie protective battery juice pack in white, black, gold, and rose gold.

Oh, and the best part about the case? The pass-through charge and sync design that charges your iPhone first and the case second, so you won’t have to charge the case and your iPhone 7 Plus separately.

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Trianium Atomic Pro

Along with Digital Trends, we think that Trianium’s Atomic Pro is one of the best battery cases around for the iPhone 7 Plus. It bears a slim profile, a power button (so you’re not using up all the juice all the time), and it fits like a glove (to paraphrase Ace Ventura).

This is a practical 4,200mAh, and will likely give you an extra 50-75% on your battery life, so it should take you through a couple days if you’re a light user.

Comes in black, “Black Signature”, white/gray, and white/turquoise, starting around $35.

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Alpatronix BX170plus

The best part about the BX170plus is its fit, according to many Amazon reviews, which is exactly what you want in a battery case, since they tend to be a bit heavy, and you don’t want that extra weight wiggling around on your iPhone 7 Plus.

This case has a 4,000mAh battery, so you’ll get an extra 50% life or so on your iPhone, depending on your usage. There’s a power button on the back and an LED indicator, so you won’t use up all the juice at once, and you’ll be able to tell how full it is at any given moment.

Comes in black, gold, and rose gold, starting around $25.

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Maxbear offers a battery case that is not only reasonably priced (starting at about $36), but also high-capacity!

The 7,200 mAh battery case is a bit thicker than others cases out there, but it promises to keep your iPhone 7 Plus charged for a bunch of time! In the company’s testing, they claim to have achieved an extra 60 hours audio, 24 hours talk time, 15 hours video, and 12 hours web browsing. Of course, your mileage will vary depending on usage, but there’s no doubt the Maxbear battery pack will keep you worry free when you’re away from an outlet.

On top of the great battery included in the case, it also will protect the screen of your iPhone 7 PLus thanks to a raised front lip of about 1.2mm. Laying your phone down on a flat surface screen down shouldn’t cause any damage to your phone.

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What keeps you charged?

Do you have a battery case for your iPhone 7 Plus? Let us know which one and why you love it in the comments below!

Updated June 2018: Removed the Foxin due to unavailability.

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